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MDEC 2018: What lies ahead for Digital Malaysia’s re-domiciling initiative?

AvantiKumar | Jan. 9, 2018
Part Two of CXS's move from Norway to Malaysia and insights into Malaysia’s re-domiciling strategy.

HRH Prince Charles at CXS in Malaysia

Photo: HRH Prince Charles in Malaysia 2017 with CXS CEO Jan Lambrechts (centre).


  As well as continuing the story of CXS's move from Norway to Malaysia, this concluding deep dive into Digital Malaysia's re-domiciling initiative looks towards 2018.

Jan Lambrechts (pictured below), the CXS chief executive officer, continued with the next chapter of the company's story. "Our ambition is to be a critical part of driving the workforces of the future. The massive disruption to job sectors we are going to see in the coming years due to technology means that individuals, companies and government need to be ready. Our solutions are focused on helping government, employers and educators prepare future-ready talent."

"As more tech-industry companies arise within or move to Malaysia, they want to know the talent they need is there and how to find it, both now and in the long term. This is where CXS comes in," he said.

Workplace and talent analytics is combined with alignment concepts such as Ikigai, which all point to a developing a meaningful existence, Lambrechts explained. "Using the theories of Holland, MyersBriggs, Salutogenic and so on, we have an organisational and individual profiling tool for engagement and self mastery."

"Workplace and Talent Analytics are now vital management tools in defining human capital as they are used to increase business productivity and performance," SEDANI Innovator's Founder and Managing Director, Datuk Azrin Mohd. Noor said during the official signing with CXS. "The Sedania VIP24 platform, which now offers CXS services, will ensure businesses will get the very best out of their talents."

Jan - CXS

Cultural concerns

Discussing some of the adjustments needed during the re-domiciling project, Lambrechts pointed out the balanced support received from government agencies.

When CXS first contacted the Malaysian government, we were imvited to pitch and within three months we set up a company in Malaysia, he said. Now, the company is operational in 34 countries with a significant pipeline.

"When I first arrived in Malaysia, I thought I could enjoy a more laid-back working lifestyle, but I found that people in Malaysia - even the government officials - work harder and longer than anyone I know elsewhere in the world! Joking aside, the short-term benefits of domiciling in Malaysia are a much lower cost of operations, a tech-ready landscape to drive our operations and access to affordable but high quality local talent," Lambrechts continued. "To me, Malaysia is a true country of opportunity. The standard of living is reasonable in Malaysia and it also helps that the food is incredible." 


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